Clothing and jewelry

Clothing and jewelry
This two things make an Indian Women utterly happy..

Monday, April 7, 2014

Ravishing designs of Mango mala/ Paisley design necklace with different gem stones from Big Shop, Ooty

The Big Shop of Ooty has a tradition of more than 7 decades. Bigshop specialises in ethnic antique gold and silver jewellery. Bigshop is a must visit shopping centre for one who visits ooty. Bigshop antique collection of furniture and other items is an eye catching collection for a collector and persons who have values.

The Big Shop, as a store, has specialized experience in antique customize Design and stocks – furniture and Jewellery. Belonging to the Suraaj Group, The Big Shop has a vast floor space , as the name signifies, selling a whole range of brands in home appliances and consumer electronics. It is a store where” your shopping never ends”, as the marketing slogan goes. It is a one stop shop for all your needs. If you are not visiting The Big Shop in Ooty then you are missing something.

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