Clothing and jewelry

Clothing and jewelry
This two things make an Indian Women utterly happy..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beautiful short floral design 22 carat gold necklace from A.Geeri pai Jewellers

Evergreen red ruby 'Kantha' with intricate diamond studded motif, crafted for special occassions..

Unique design of temple short haaram with lord Ganesh pendant and Jhumkas..

Uncut diamonds studded long length mango mala/magaya mala from Shree Jewellers..

Mango mala studded with emerelds,rubies, uncut diamonds and with pearl drops

Kundan studded bridal vaddanam from Tibarumal jewels

Amazing vaddanam studded with uncut diamonds,rubies,emeralds and with pearl drops

Beautiful short necklace studded with diamonds and emerald in the middle of the pendant..

Beautiful ruby studded Mango mala/magayamala from Navrathan Jewellers,Bangalore..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Short and light weight diamond necklace

Short and cute Kasulaperu/Kasu mala with Lakshmi matha embedded on each kasu with ruby and emerald drops

Cute nathu/nose ring embedded with original pearls for a beautiful bride..

Beautiful light weight pearl anklets with rubies and white stonesfrom Sanvi Jewels,Rajasthan

Antique temple design vaddanam with peacocks studded with rubies and emeralds

Divine temple jewellery collection studded with rubies from Prince jewellers

Temple design short haaram with mamidi pinde/mango pendant studded with rubies

Unique design of antique gold short necklace studded with rubies,emeralds and uncut diamonds

Lakshmi locket with pearl drops

A rare design of short kasu mala / kasula peru studded with rubies

Exclusive design ofantique short haaram

Temple design short necklace studded with emeralds

Peacock temple design necklace with light weight

Elegant bridal Jewellery from Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Jewellers (TBZ) presented by beautiful models in bridal attire..

Check out diamond short and long necklaces, diamond vaddanam,diamond bangles,diamond jhumkas/earrings,diamond maang tikka,diamond ring.

Heavy bridal choker studded with diamonds,rubies and emeralds

Heavy bridal pure gold choker,earrings..

South Indian popular actress Tamanna in Khazana temple bridal jewellery..

Antique earring collection from Vummidi bangaru jewellers, Bangalore

Glorious designs of diamond bracelets studded with kundans,rubies from Amita Damani designs